Prices for full set of documentation for architecture project.

Architectural and constructive consultation

REMA DESIGN LTD offers free consultation and sightseeing within the city of Sofia. We will help you further develop your ideas and achieve optimal exploitation and comfort. We will give you information on the admissible norms for building on your site, rehabilitation, reconstruction, reorganization or change of purpose. All views outside the Sofia area are further agreed, depending on the location and complexity of the site.


1. Architectural design
- layouts, incisions, facades, details, specifications, 3 exterior 3D images, video presentation.

Interior design project is a separate subject of work. In case of interest, please request.

2. Construction structures
- structural drawings, formwork and reinforcement plans, details, static calculations, reinforcement quantities, plan reinforcement of excavation. Additionally negotiate: excavation with concrete or slit walls, multi-level foundation, entirely metal or wooden constructions, etc.

3. HVAC project
- drawings, quantity accounts and thermal efficiency or energy efficiency report;

4. Part of thermal efficiency and evaluation of TEE

5. Water and sewage project
- internal installations - drawings, quantity accounts. Additionally, there are: pumping, drainage, water purification, sprinkler and water reservoirs;

6. Electricity project
- internal installations - drawings and high-voltage and low-current installations, telephone, video surveillance, TV + internet, heating and heating of additional zones, main electrical boards, quantity bills and external lighting;

7. Project part Safety and health

8. Part of fire safety

9. Fire notification section

10. All necessary bills of quantities

By further contracting, we can also assist in all other stages of implementation in regulation and operation, including geodesy / vertical planning.
The project may be more expensive if the object is more complex, the client wants additional technical and automation parts, for interior developments or need for more 3D visualizations, etc.
When drawing up the technical drawings, the TPA and the current ordinance on the "Scope and content of the investment projects" are observed, depending on the category of the site.
If necessary, according to the specifics of the building, the following specialties are additionally paid:

Additional service:
Workshop - when metal structures occur;
Geological survey (geological report);
Fence project - assigned and approved separately;
Road project - depends on local municipal regulations;
Landscape architecture (landscaping).