Reinforced concrete construction for dental clinic

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Scope of work

Construction of a dental clinic in UPI II; Quarter 136; on the plan of the town of Gotse Delchev; Gotse Delchev Municipality.
The construction project was developed and coordinated with the architectural project, the installation projects and the data from the vertical planning according to the assignor's assignment. In a regulated plot of land a two-storey building with a basement plus a shed and a facade of metal construction is being built. The design height is 3 m for all floors, except for the ground floor where it is 3.2 m. The roof is flat.

A supporting structure.

The construction system is monolithic - reinforced concrete and the scheme beam-framework,  with reinforced concrete flooring thickness h = 18 cm at elevation + 0.00 m, at elevation + 3.20 m and +6.20 with thickness h = 20 at elevation +9, 20 m d = 18. The concrete cover of the reinforcement for floor slab, beams and columns is 3.0 cm, and in the foundations - 5.0 cm. The adopted dimensions and reinforcement for the structural elements were obtained as a result of a static dynamic analysis of the spatial model of the building structure using the finite element method (3D FE Model) with the PSCAD v2.5 software product. The enclosing structures of the premises are brick masonry. The basement walls have a thickness of 25 cm.

Used documentaries

The project was developed for the region of Gotse Delchev under the terms of "Ordinance № РД-02-20-19" - amend. and suppl. SG 27.12.2013 and in accordance with the following regulations:
- BDS EN 1990: 2003 - Basics of design of building structures;
- BDS EN 1991: 2004 - Impact on building structures;
- BDS EN 1992-1-1: 2005 - Design of reinforced concrete structures;
- DS EN 1993-1: 2000 - Design of steel structures;
- BDS EN 1997: 2005 - Geotechnical design;
- BDS EN 1998-1: 2005 - Design of seismic impact constructions; as well as their national annexes.