Two storey house in Sredni kolibi

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- Location - village of Sredni kolibi, Veliko Tarnovo district

- Built-up area -

- Built-up area -

There is a two-storey guest house without a basement. The design height is 2.80 m and 2.75 m.

The construction project has been developed and coordinated with the architectural project, the installation projects and the data from the vertical planning according to the assignor's assignment.

Due to the displacement of the terrain, the elevation of the ground floor of the first floor is of +0.45, +0.00 and - 0.45 of the accepted relative elevation of the yard 0.00 / 422.50 /.

The roof is quadruple with ceramic or concrete coatings, type "Bramak", tiles on a double grill of slats and contrails 3x5 cm. over board or OSB-3 boards. It is executed on a wooden roof structure with an inclination of 18° with heat insulation of 15 cm mineral wool between ribs.

Supporting structure.
On the two-storey house the structural system is monolithic - reinforced concrete and the schematic: skeletal-beamed with reinforced concrete floor slab with thickness d = 10 cm at elevation + 0.00 m. At elevation + 2.80 m, + 5.55 m, we have a reinforced concrete slab with thickness d = 12 cm. On the additional building - warehouse is a reinforced concrete frame structure. At elevation + 0.00 m is a reinforced concrete slab with thickness d = 10 cm, at elevation + 2.40 m - reinforced concrete beams on which lies a wooden beamwork, closed with OSB3 boards. Also, two details have been developed for the fence construction of the property and a location scheme has been added.

The concrete flooring of the floor slab reinforcement is 2.5 cm - for beams and columns it is 2.5 cm and for the foundation - 5.0 cm
Adopted dimensions and reinforcement for structural elements were obtained as a result of a static dynamic analysis of the spatial model of the building structure using the finite element method (3D FE Model) with the licensed software product PSCAD v2.1. The enclosing structures of the premises are brick masonry of 25 and 12 cm. of lime-mortar solution M-5.0MPa.

Efforts of vertical loads will be transmitted to the earth's ground by means of stripes under the walls and under the columns. When unevenness of the primer and embankments to dig to healthy soil! Accepted pH = 2.0 kg / cm2. Achieving a solid foundation to increase the depth of the concrete, ensuring a minimum depth of 0,40 m on the undisturbed earth basis. All outer bases should be buried at least 80 cm from the level of adjacent terrain to the requirement to freeze the soil. Do not leave open trenches for more than 3 days - apply B12.5 concrete. It is imperative that the ground base be accepted by the designer - constructor.

- Striking documents used
The project was developed for the region of Veliko Tarnovo under the terms of "Ordinance № РД-02-20-19" - amend. and suppl. SG 27.12.2013 and in accordance with the following regulations:
-BSS EN 1990: 2003 - Basics of design of building structures;
-BSS EN 1991: 2004 - Impact on building structures;
-BSS EN 1992-1-1: 2005 - Design of reinforced concrete structures;
-BSS EN 1997: 2005 - Geotechnical design;
-BSS EN 1998-1: 2005 - Designing of seismic impact constructions;
as well as their national annexes.