Showroom - Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria

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Main properties

 - Location - Gotse Delchev town, Blagoevgrad district, Bulgaria

 - Building footprint area - 1272 m2

 - Gross built-up area - 2440 m2

 - Construction - Concrete main construction, steel roof construction. Total volume of the concrete - 1399 m3. Reinforcement weight - 114 t. roof construction - 6 steel trusses (23.6 m wide), axial distance between the trusses - 8 m. Construction weight - 35.1 t. The building includes three more steel structures - two staircases and one support construction for curtain wall.

 - Roof covering - sandwich panels. Facade wall enclosing structures - glass walls, curtain walls.

The structure project is developed and coordinated along with the architecture project, the projects for installations and the height tracing plan, assigned by the Contractor. A two-floor building is to be built in a regulated land property. It is planned of reinforced concrete construction, with steel roof construction. Maximum constructive height - 4,82 m. The roof is two-sided.

Main structure

The main structure is reinforced concrete.

The structure system of the foundation is monolite. It is composite of two foundation slabs and multiple step footing foundations, connected with ground beams.

The measures and reinforcement sizes, provided for the bearing elements of concrete (foundation and additional staircase) are calculated by static-dynamic analysis of a spatial model of the building structure by 3D FE Model, designed by PSCAD v.2,6 software.

The composition of the steel structure is assigned by trusses with maximum height 2,48 m (level +9.27) at the ridge of the roof. The horizontal measures of the construction are 50/25 m.  The trusses of steel structure step on concrete columns by anchoring joint parts, calculated for most unfavorable values of the external reactions.

In order to cover most precise and in detail the steel structure's behaviour, a spatial computational model has been made by Consteel v.11_SP1 software. By the model is realised the most precisely the foreseeing and calculating of the structure's deformations and motions of the structure in different loading cases.

Importance class - II

Seismic coefficient Kc = 0.15

Behaviour factor qo= 3

Design snow loading - 1,3 kN/m2.