One-storey concrete houses

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Scope of operation

Design: Reconstruction of a two-storey residential building; Pancherevo quarter; city ​​of Sofia
The construction project was developed and coordinated with the architectural project, the installation projects and the data from the vertical planning according to the assignor's assignment. In its own property, it builds an additional outbuilding connected to the house and partly changing an already existing structure. The construction height is 2.67 m. 
The roof is a monolayer with a ceramic or concrete finish, type „Bramak”, tiles on a double grill of 3x5 cm strips and contrails over board or OSB-3 boards. It is executed on a wooden roof structure at a slope of 18° with heat insulation 15 cm mineral wool between ribs.

Carrier structure.

The construction system is monolithic - reinforced concrete, and the schematic: skeleton – timber with reinforced concrete floor slab with thickness d = 10 cm at elevation -1,650 m, -0,190 m. Concrete cover for reinforcement for floor slab, beams and columns is 2.5 cm. And in the foundations – 5,0 cm. At elevation + 2.67 m the roof structure, closed with OSB3 boards, lies. The dimensions and reinforcement dimensions for the structural elements were obtained as a result of a static dynamic analysis of the spatial model of the new 3D FE model with the PSCAD v2.1 software product. The enclosing structures of the premises are brick masonry of 25 and 12 cm of varicomponent solution M-5,0 MPa.