Showroom - Gurmen

Showroom - Gurmen
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Main properties

 - Location - Gurmen village, Blagoevgrad district, Bulgaria

 - Building footprint area - 316 m2

 - Gross built-up area - 826 m2

 - Construction - Concrete construction, wooden construction for the roof and the ceiling under the roof. Volume of concrete - 372,8 m3; total weight of reinforcement - 33.9 t. Timber volume - 22.13 m3

 - Façade walls material - Wiennerberger bricks, 38 cm thick; roof covering - ceramic tiles.

 The project represents two-floor building in a regulated land property. The main construction is reinforced concrete, the roof and the ceiling construction under it are assigned by wooden construction. Cornice level - +6.10m   Constructive height - 3,45 m for the first floor and 3,04 for the second. The ceiling construction under the roof is wooden. The roof is four-sided, also on wooden construction.

The structure project is developed and coordinated along with the architecture project, the projects for installations and the height tracing plan, assigned by the Contractor.

Main structure

The main structure is reinforced concrete construction. Its constructive system is monolite, and its constructive scheme is beam-framework, with reinforced concrete slabs.

The measures and reinforcement sizes, provided for the bearing elements of concrete are calculated by static-dynamic analysis of a 3D model of the building structure by 3D FE Model, designed by PSCAD v.2,6 software.

Façade walls are brick masonry with self-insulated Wiennerberger bricks, and the roof covering is to be executed with ceramic tiles.

Importance class - II

Seismic coefficient Kc = 0.15

Behaviour factor qo= 4

Design snow loading - 1,5 kN/m2.